Interview as a Service

We are redefining the interview process! Our expert panel and innovative methodologies will help you pick the best candidate for the job!
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We engage with Industry experts through professional networking communities like LinkedIn, Twitter and many more! Our interviewers are selected based on their industry experience, technical expertise, online credibility, community contributions and several other key factors.
We understand the importance of hiring the best person for your workplace! Our interview framework  “IntSmart”, consists of tools and models to recognize the candidates’s technical, interpersonal, behavioral and leadership skills! 
We leverage the latest technologies to provide an outstanding interview experience to candidate and interviewers. Our interviews are conducted through online audio and video conferencing. Prior to every interview our technical support team coordinates with the candidate and interviewer and make sure everything is setup correctly. 
Based on your job requirements we match the best interviewers. This could be based on: domain-specific needs (e.g. insurance or healthcare ), technical requirements, accents, language, and more.  
We schedule interviews based on the candidate’s preferred timings including non-office hours or weekends. This is a great advantage for the candidates, as they can avoid any distractions and give their best! 
We want you to pick the best candidates for your job. Our evaluation reports are designed to provide you with complete insight about the candidates. Evaluation report includes candidate’s ratings and interviewer feedback on technical, interpersonal and behavioral skills.

Also, we can provide you the interview recordings and transcripts for your team to review!